Clients about YachtEye


MY CloudBreak | 72.5M

"On the main deck is an itinerary-viewing room at the entrance of the saloon, where low seating faces a row of screens. The ultimate infotainment system for an explorer yacht, YachtEye, from Oculus Technologies, pulls information directly from the bridge and combines it with Google Earth like images to provide visually appealing 3D information as to the heading, location, speed and more."

Lürssen | 91m


"YachtEye is great software to have onboard. It has varied features and is very aesthetically pleasing. Both our guest and crew mostly use Yachtview, featuring the 3D model of the yacht to check the current position on the globe, and determine their location.”


MY Plvs Vltra | 73.5m

ETO Sean Bisgrove

“The owners use YachtEye on a daily basis. Besides getting information, it is also a fun factor on board. They can interact with the system to explore the world and the current position of their yacht. As crew we make sure that on every trip we make, the itinerary is updated. The owners love to see where we will go to and what path we will take in the upcoming days. This feature gives them a nice overview of what is coming, but also what places we have visit during the trip.”
PLVS VLTRA presented in YachtEye >>

MY Radiant | 110m

AV/IT officers mr. Wright & mr. Sandilands

"YachtEye is an excellent interface that allows guests to follow the vessels course throughout their voyage at the mere touch of a button. The system updates in real-time, so guests will no longer have to wait for or browse through Google Maps in order to find their current location. YachtEye is an exciting addition to the audio visual system and integration with the current installation requires minimal work to achieve." 

MY Sofia | 42m

Captain Ian Westman

"We have found Oculus YachtEye to be a fabulous real-time tool to keep guests up to date with itinerary, menus, places of interest and vessel movements. It is a great, interactive tool for either charter or private yachts."


captain p. chrisholm

"YachtEye is used onboard to provide our guests with information about the journey and the itinerary. The crew can easily integrate and adjust all information and present this to the guests. YachtEye is an on board feature our guests absolutely enjoy."

<< Forever One presented in YachtEye

Feadship | 88m

ETO Isrial Prittchard

"This is the second ship that I have worked on that has YachtEye installed. The contrast between the richness of information and the simplicity of the system is unique in the yacht AV world and makes it a pleasure for any ETO to have on board. Also unique to the system, is that is backed by an organisation that know their product intimately and support it themselves without input from the crew. the 'WOW' response you get from a guest when they see a map of the world and then zoom in on the very boat they are on is always a pleasure to see. I hope that I get to show off YachtEye on all future yachts i work on."