All new YachtEye AI to be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show

Driven by the EsSense AI system that we bought last year, the new YachtEye AI will be available for demonstrations at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Over two years ago SuperYacht Times bought YachtEye and today we are very pleased to announce the launch of the all new YachtEye AI. Driven by the EsSense AI system that we bought last year, the new YachtEye AI will be available for demonstrations at the YachtEye | SuperYacht Times stand (DS96) at the Monaco Yacht Show.

One of the major changes is that, thanks to the clever use of the AI system, YachtEye AI is self-sufficient. In the previous versions of YachtEye, the user needed to input data into the system, which the system then visually made available. The new YachtEye Ai aims to continuously entertain the guests with relevant information on the yacht, trip and things happening around the yacht.

Let’s look at it from the perspective of a yacht owner how the new YachtEye will improve their guest experience:

You are sitting on the bar on the sun deck of your yacht and the big TV is showing the YachtEye AI Dashboard. The system will, automatically, give you instant updates on everything that is happening around you.

Right now your yacht is passing Capri, the system will tell you that on your right hand side you can see the famous Faraglioni rocks, the Yacht Radar might detect that one of your friend's yachts is around the corner and pulls their yacht and location on the screen.

Arriving in the bay, the system will tell you about the cool things you can do here and pulls that data automatically from the SuperYacht Times destination and hotspot database. The kids want to play with the tenders & toys and browse through all the available toys on the yacht.

At the end of the day, during dinner, it will give you a recap of the day with photos that have been uploaded by your kids with the YachtEye mobile app and it shows you the travel itinerary for the next day.

The next morning the system sends an alert to your phone that the engines have been started and the virtual engine room pops up on the big TV on the aft deck, while you are having breakfast, showing in real-time 3D what is happening. The energy dashboard displays all the metrics from the onboard systems.

Next up is the travel information of the day with cool things to do at the final destination. While the yacht starts cruising, the Yacht Radar pops up again and tells you which big new Feadship yacht is passing on the starboard side.

As you are always on the lookout for other yachts and you enjoy some yacht watching you grab the tablet with the YachtEye app and start exploring which other yachts are in the area with the clever Yacht Radar feature that connects AIS to the SYT iQ database.

At the end of the day the yacht is arriving in the port of Monaco and you are working from your onboard office with YachtEye showing on your TV. As the yacht enters the port the YachtEye system switches automatically to CCTV and shows you the bow of the yacht and the port of Monaco. Once she has been turned around in the port and starts docking backwards, the CCTV switches to the aft camera so you can watch the docking process.

While in your office you quickly login on the YachtEye webportal and in the Travel Inspiration section you find an article on the coolest things to do in Portofino. After reading it you decide to edit the itinerary and add an extra stop in Portofino the next day, which is automatically forwarded to the captain and crew and displayed on all YachtEye screens.

After returning home from an amazing vacation, you want to show your business partner the trip you have made and you pull up YachtEye in your office on the big TV that is hanging above the yachts model and you first check in on the current location of the yacht, before opening the Past Trips feature and show your business partner a cool animation of the trip you have made. On your way home from your office you are already making the next itinerary on your YachtEye mobile app and sharing it with your family, guests and the captain.

The above gives you a small impression of the cool things we can do with the new YachtEye. But it is not only that, we also make the life of the crew a lot easier. First of all we are building a destination database, with all the most popular places for yachts around the world, an overview of cool hotspots and inspiration of things to do. Secondly as the AI does most of the work there is very little work for the crew to get the best possible experience for the owner and guests.

Come and see us at stand DS96 at the Monaco Yacht Show to get a live demo of the new YachtEye AI or contact us at

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