Framework Features

Please be aware that some modules from the Framework require collaboration from the Captain, ETO, Interior Designer, System Integrator or Crew to help create, manage and update the content. When in need of bespoke modules, support with design, animated videos or project management please contact Oculus Technologies for a special quote.

3D Position

The yacht is displayed in 3D at its current position in a multi viewpoint animation on both the touchscreen and TV versions. Onscreen indicators display real-time information from the navigation systems on the bridge, e.g. heading, temperature, wind direction and speed. The yacht is featured in its real-time situation formed by accurate and detailed satellite imagery. The animations can be controlled via the YachtEye management page or from a tablet device when the API is used.

The iPad App displays the yacht in topview on the map and the real-time data is presented in the fold down banner. 

Yachtview. 3D terrain.png
Yachtview. World.png