Enhance your onboard experience further

Choose our Discovery or Experience Package and enhance your onboard yachting experience even further. Exclusive tailor-made features and solutions integrated in your YachtEye system. 

With the Explore feature, we enable you to discover the ins and outs of your yacht. From discovering the Engine Room in 3D, to having a look at all the toys in the 3D Garage. Other customised features such as the Integration of Control devices and Custom Sources (Spotify, Netflix). But also your Personal Collections, such as a wine collection, can be part of YachtEye. With Sapphire we can create user interfaces for any display you can imagine.




Welcome to Explore. The module in YachtEye which allows you to experience your yacht in another dimension. It provides you with more sophisticated and more personalized information about your yacht, your assets and your surroundings.

Our experience in design focused AV innovations, no matter how large or small, provides the key to taking your yacht to another dimension. We work with you and your team to push boundaries, think outside the box and take the extraordinary to an unrivalled level.

Explore is part of the Discovery and Experience package and starts with an exploded view of your yacht, which reveals all hidden treasures your yacht has to offer. From there, anything is possible! Let Explore take you to the 3D Engine Room, the Tender Garage, a round trip through all decks, or explore all your other assets. 


3D Engine


tender garage


Bridge View


Explore is for the ones who want to have the ultimate yachting experience, like to challenge the boundaries and don’t settle for anything less, than the best!

Our Founder & Creative Director Stefan van Cleef works together with Art Director, Ivo Nupoort to create the most valuable solution for our clients. Please contact us, express your wishes and be amazed about the possibilities. 

For a more in-depth impression of our Sapphire Service to get the imagination started, please have a look at the TRiN video below.


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