Hereby we present you the itinerary!

With YachtEye is it very easy to display detailed information about your journey. Integrate the itinerary and you always have the next destination relative to your current position displayed on every screen connected to the YachtEye server. To explore map even more, it is possible to see what is going on in the cities you will visit. More about this in the Communication video. 

Watch the full video for more features and explore the possibilities of YachtEye 3.0! 

To enhance the on board feeling in the YachtEye system, our developers improved the map with two new features. The first is Dynamic Movement. See water waves in the sea and in the pool, but also spinning radars on top of the yacht. Secondly, we included natural elevation on the map. Tilt the map and explore the mountains, hills and valleys on the globe!   

If you would like to experience YachtEye 3.0 yourself, please visit us during this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, booth DSE8 or contact us info@yachteye.com

Next week: Communication & Asset tracking.