Last week Oculus Technologies launched the YachtEye 2.3 upgrade which improves all 2.x YachtEye systems. In course of this update, we had an weekly release of the new features on our website and through our social media channels. Below we have summed up the complete content of the new features, improvements and bug fixes of the YachtEye 2.3 upgrade. 

Yacht Eye TV & iPad.jpg

Weather Module
Yachting and the weather forecast go hand in hand. With this in mind we have upgraded the YachtEye Weather Module, which shows an up-to-date 6 day forecast for any selected location, including your current position. Any specific locations of interest can be added to your favourites. Our design team has not only restyled the weather logos but also reshaped the lay-out of the module with more general and refined graphics. This new version of YachtEye Weather provides a clear, comprehensive and detailed weather forecast! Click here to read more detailed information and video footage of the 2.3 Weather Module 

YachtEye Map
The integrated map of YachtEye gives you the possibility to zoom in and out, to rotate and to tilt the map, to explore the earth, your routes and destinations. Sometimes the 3D model of the Yacht starts to get less detailed when zooming out due the scale difference of the yacht and the map. To prevent this, YachtEye now supports secondary Models at high altitudes. Also our developers added a 'North Up' & 'Home' button in the right corner, which brings you, after exploring the world, back to the original level and centralized focus of the YachtEye map.  

Makkah Pointer
On board of a Superyacht it can be difficult to locate your direction without standing on the bridge. For Islamic customers, direction on board is key when it comes to fulfill their religion. An unique feature in YachtEye shows the Kaaba, to determined the location of Makkah, Salah prayers times, adjusted for each timezone and the prayer direction, based on the position of the Yacht.  Find here more information and watch the video of the new look & feel. 

Bug Fixes
Besides the new features, the development team also improved the following bugs in the system:

  • Relative wind direction in NMEA data was is now correctly translated to an absolute direction
  • Missing translations were added to the system
  • Weather Forecasts are displayed when the 180th meridian is on screen (+- International Date Line)
  • Set up your own thumbnail for movie files, movie icon is replaced with a more stylish icon.

Our latest YachtEye update has a strong focus on the crew. On board of a yacht work is extremely dynamic and the crew needs to be prepared for any situation at any given time. Informing guests with the correct information at the right moment is not only important, it is a necessity. 

Welcome on Board
Safety is a key element on board. It is vital that all guests are aware of and informed about aware safety and security protocols. The option to create a Safety & Security section within the YachtEye ‘Welcome on board’ screen has now been integrated. It is even possible to upload a whole Safety & Security video of the yacht.

PDF-files in YachtEye
On board of yachts important information is often shared by means of printed pages. In a move to support a more digital based solution for crew, YachtEye now offers a 'PDF files Module'. The system’s Central Messenger has been supporting short digital messages for some time but this new module enables further efficiency and a means of sharing information in digital format. 

Add Videos in YachtEye
There are so many activities and events that guests can take part in. From a beautiful diving tour to the party of the year on an island. These unique experiences can be shared amongst onboard guests with YachtEye’s Gallery which supports not only photos but also videos. 

Integrate pre-selected websites (Discovery Package & Higher)
When it comes to going ashore, it is the crew who are frequently asked for recommendations and information on what to do or see. As a tool for crew to able to provide more comprehensive and detailed answers to those questions and as an added benefit for guests to enjoy, the YachtEye developers have created a new feature. Pre-selected websites can now be integrated into the YachtEye system meaning if the crew know where the guests like to go to, access to the exact website for that certain venue or event is available at everyones’ fingertips.

To play the videos and browse websites, a touchscreen, a connected mouse or an integration of YachtEye in an on board entertainment system is required.

Click here for more detailed information regarding the Crew benefits in the YachtEye 2.3 upgrade.  

The YachtEye 2.3 upgrade is now available! Please contact us to have the newest version of YachtEye as soon as possible on board of your Yacht. You can reach us by phone (+31) 20 22 38 389 or send an email to support@oculustechnologies.nl.