Software Updates YachtEye Q1 2017

Every quarter Oculus Technologies will launch new updates of their systems. In this news-item you can read more information about the software updates of YachtEye Q1 2017.

Animation Mode
Create your own order of animation. You can now turn off modules for the animation module only. With this method, it is possible to display only the highlights of all modules.
Additional Meters
We added more indicator controls. You can see the average speed over the last 100 seconds, and the average heading over the last 30 seconds. It is also possible to turn off one or more meters.
Extended Logging Mechanism
We extended the systems’ health monitoring. Our support personnel is able to see more detailed (anonymous) information about unexpected circumstances and is therefore able to support you better.

Central Messenger Module (Experience Package) 
This update broadcasts the estimated destination, the arrival time and general messages to all your guests on board. These messages will be displayed in the bottom bar and are therefore easily shared with all the guests. 

The NMEA Listener is now able to handle more invalid messages.