The Integration of Technology with the Interior Design

A superyacht is often a physical reflection of the owner’s vision. The shape, the interior and the colours are almost always personalized to suit the owner’s individual style and the finished result derives from the designer’s interpretation of the owner’s personal taste and requirements. Whilst this same interpretation process may well apply to some extent to the integrated technicals systems themselves in terms of system set up and delivered functionality, more often than not, when it comes to onboard AV technology itself, there is minimal adaptation and design focused innovation. Despite there being plenty of solutions to creatively integrate AV technology into the interior design of a yacht, this is an area that still falls short on many levels. Stefan van Cleef, our Creative Director and Co-founder, reveals his thoughts on the integration of technology into the interior design in the May edition of the Superyacht Technology Magazine. He explains step by step how his believe in a holistic and iterative approach is the most productive and successful method, to reach the highest achievable outcome in any team-driven creative process.