Installing YachtEye on board

YachtEye is supplied as a compact 19” rackmount unit that only requires a NMEA signal in order to have the YachtEye TV channel up and running. An internet connection gives additional functionality to the system such as global map coverage, realtime data and our monitoring & support services. 

The system generates a FullHD 1080p video signal over DVI or HDMI. Routed via a matrix system, the video signal is duplicated and distributed shipwide. For standalone installations YachtEye can be connected to a display directly. The YachtEye Portable application running on the iPads receives its information via the onboard Wi-Fi. 

For control over the interface and menus, YachtEye can be integrated with various control systems such as Crestron and AMX-systems: just request our API. Multitouch operation is possible when integrated with TUIO-compatible touchscreens. 

In order to maintain operational continuity it is required to have YachtEye powered via a UPS.


Protocol support


optional: proprietary

Data input

Optical isolated RS-232 port

alternative: Ethernet

Control integration



TUIO multitouch screens

optional: others


NMEA0183 data/Internet/Local network

Video output

FullHD 1080p



19inch wide

1HE high

35cm deep


110-240V AC, 50/60Hz

UPS required


Not required