YachtEye AI
The ultimate superyacht infotainment system.

YachtEye AI uses a smart engine to show fun, interesting and relevant information - in every context - on the yacht, surrounding yachts, itinerary, hotspots, destinations, weather, the engine and much more for everyone onboard. All whilst reducing the workload for the crew

YachtEye AI works on...


Stay informed about what is happening in & around your yacht, in glorious 4K, or even 8K, high resolution.

iPads & Tablets

Access YachtEye AI anywhere onboard using an iPad. And if you want to view something in more detail, you can simply send it to YachtEye AI on a TV.

Mobile Devices

Take your yacht with you wherever you are, with the YachtEye AI app. Create itineraries, view galleries of your past trips, and explore your yacht.

YachtEye AI apps & features

AI Dashboard

The AI dashboard constantly keeps guests informed and entertained, with relevant updates on what’s going on in and around the yacht.

Yacht Radar

Discover other superyachts around you and find out their name, specs and price. And, when coupled with our iQ module, discover owner and other in-depth information.

Engine Room

Show off the heart of your yacht in 3D, connected to real-time data.


Keep up-to-date with the current weather and weather forecasts with the new weather app. Custom sources, such as Windfinder are optional.


Combining visual information, ETAs and distances, the itinerary feature provides guests with both inspiration and information on their trips.

Yacht Overview

Open up your yacht and unveil its unique features & design. Impress and inform your guests at the same time.

Destination Database

Easily find nearby and far away superyacht destinations, all carefully curated by the YachtEye team.

Hotspot Database

YachtEye AI automatically shows nearby landmarks, points-of-interest, dive spots, etc. All content is carefully curated by the YachtEye team and tailored for yachting.


Photos and videos of memorable trips captured during the day can be uploaded to the gallery.


Show your guests the yacht from all angles, such as the mast camera, night vision or 3D cameras.

3D Position

View the yacht in 3D on the map, at various zoom levels and from various angles.


Get to know the crew, so you know who to ask for a cocktail or a route change!

Tenders & Toys

Enable your guests to easily find out what to do onboard. The Tender & Toys app shows not just which tenders & toys are available, but also how to use them.

Crew messages

Easily communicate with the guests. The crew can create a message which is then broadcast to all YachtEye screens.


Necessary, and with YachtEye, exciting. Our safety feature informs guests about the safety procedures in a fun and engaging manner.

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