Hereby we present you the itinerary!

With YachtEye is it very easy to display detailed information about your journey. Integrate the itinerary and you always have the next destination relative to your current position displayed on every screen connected to the YachtEye server. To explore map even more, it is possible to see what is going on in the cities you will visit. More about this in the Communication video. 

Watch the full video for more features and explore the possibilities of YachtEye 3.0! 

To enhance the on board feeling in the YachtEye system, our developers improved the map with two new features. The first is Dynamic Movement. See water waves in the sea and in the pool, but also spinning radars on top of the yacht. Secondly, we included natural elevation on the map. Tilt the map and explore the mountains, hills and valleys on the globe!   

If you would like to experience YachtEye 3.0 yourself, please visit us during this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, booth DSE8 or contact us info@yachteye.com

Next week: Communication & Asset tracking.

The launch of YachtEye 3.0

We are very proud to present you YachtEye 3.0. Come to booth DSE8, during this year's Monaco Yacht Show and experience this brand-new and innovating solution yourself!

YachtEye is our state-of-the-art guest infotainment solution, on board of superyachts. It provides valuable insights about the journey, the yacht and the environment. YachtEye is a solution, which can easily be customized to your yacht. Show the ships itinerary, display the program of the day, introduce the crew in a personalized welcome on board and send ship wide messages. With the integration of 3D models of your yacht and tenders, YachtEye really becomes your personalized solution!

Watch the video below to learn more about YachtEye.

YachtEye 3.0

YachtEye 3.0 has brand-new features, an animated user interface and a fresh feeling. Curious what is new? We will introduce you to YachtEye 3.0, by releasing four videos which explain, how YE will enhance your journey and enriches your on board feeling! 

The first video is about the Itinerary. Here we discuss how displaying information as the next destination, ETA's and integrating map layers with useful content increases the feeling of being in control. 

The Communication video shows how YachtEye presents you all kind of information. From the safety instruction and on duty crew to the menu of the day and weather forecast. And because almost all information is visually presented, it is easy to understand for everyone on board. 

With Asset Tracking we explain the possibility to have all your assets integrated in the YE solution. This also increases the on board safety. By having all your assets in one screen, you know where everything and everyone is, but also when you as crew need to be ready to welcome your guests on board.

As final video, we introduce you to the technical side of YachtEye. We tell you a bit more about the technique behind YE and the easy installation progress to get YachtEye on board.  

So, stay tuned and experience the possibilities YachtEye 3.0 offer you!

For questions and system updates, please contact our office info@yachteye.com or call +31 20 22 38 38 9

Importance of onboard Technical Maintenance

Technology is continuously developing and evolving. It is therefore imperative that we make sure the delivered systems are healthy and up-to-date. Tech suppliers have a number of solutions available to them to provide onboard technical departments with the best service to maintain their systems. 

In the May edition of the Superyacht Technology Magazine, the technical maintenance of YachtEye is discussed. The importance of good functioning software through regular system and software updates and efficient, fast and effective problem solving for optimal operability and minimum downtime. 

The Integration of Technology with the Interior Design

A superyacht is often a physical reflection of the owner’s vision. The shape, the interior and the colours are almost always personalized to suit the owner’s individual style and the finished result derives from the designer’s interpretation of the owner’s personal taste and requirements. Whilst this same interpretation process may well apply to some extent to the integrated technicals systems themselves in terms of system set up and delivered functionality, more often than not, when it comes to onboard AV technology itself, there is minimal adaptation and design focused innovation. Despite there being plenty of solutions to creatively integrate AV technology into the interior design of a yacht, this is an area that still falls short on many levels. Stefan van Cleef, our Creative Director and Co-founder, reveals his thoughts on the integration of technology into the interior design in the May edition of the Superyacht Technology Magazine. He explains step by step how his believe in a holistic and iterative approach is the most productive and successful method, to reach the highest achievable outcome in any team-driven creative process.